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“Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.” – How true are these words spoken by our very own Madiba.

At Ladles of Love, we are surrounded by people day after day who – despite their personal challenges – make an effort to show goodness in the face of difficulty, kindness in the midst of strife and have love at the centre of every action.

Spending the day at our Dignity Kitchen on Tuesday, we were joined by Alex, Lauren and Sofiaan from Call2Care, joined by the staff of Mainstream Renewable Power to prepare meals, make sandwiches and pack pamper hampers for our many beneficiaries who live on the streets of Cape Town.

This winter has brought heavy rain and freezing cold nights, and when you get to end your day with a hearty nutritious meal, a warm cup of coffee, handed a blanket and some toiletries to freshen up, it warms you from within.

Our beneficiaries showed up in the hundreds and each one was served with a smile and left with a bigger smile, knowing that that night they will be a little warmer because someone made an effort for them, gave up their personal time for them, stood in the freezing cold to serve them.

We think of the many children in our ECD’s who huddle up in corners to avoid the wetness and the cold, but are warmed up when they get to sit down and have a warm meal.

I think of children sitting down at the dinner table in our homes, knowing, by faith, that there’ll be a meal ready for them, prepared with love. They don’t ask whether there’ll be a meal, they just take a seat in faith.

In the same manner, our children arrive at our ECD’s day in and day out, they don’t question whether there’ll be food but they know, at a certain time, the meal will come. Our recipients in the lines at our Dignity Kitchens, they know the days, the times and, in faith, they show up, knowing there’ll be a meal.

And just like they believe that a nutritious meal will be served, we have to have faith that you, our Love Activists will continue to give of yourselves by volunteering and donating towards our cause financially.

We need your help! We want to break another record by having 6700 volunteers booked this Mandela Day. So please consider purchasing a ticket this Mandela Day. If you’re not able to attend yourself, pay it forward to another who has the time. Donate items needed for our activities. Enlist your communities, your colleagues, your families. Together we can do it!

We are looking for the following items:

Socks & Gloves kids under 10 years

Non-toxic coloured sharpie pens

Thin wax crayons

Thick wax crayons

Children’s books under 10 years

Blunt nose scissors

Glue sticks

Coloured paper A4

Water colour paint sets for children

Paint brushes for children

Play dough


In the words of Madiba: “It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

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