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The contagious energy from Mandela Day is still pumping through our organisation. The volunteers were not the only excited ones: Our ECD teachers and children have also been part of the excitement as they received the beautiful arts and craft items, colouring books, bean bags and delicious “Buckets of Love”.

Most of the kids had never tasted Barley before – and we were delighted to see that they loved it!

The creativity that went into the arts and craft items is incredible. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, the creches received some unique and colourful educational toys that were made with love.

Educational toys are imperative for a child’s sensory development as well as their fine motor skills. Some of our ECD’s had very few so this was an absolute treat for them in every way.

As we know, it feels good to do good, and in true Ubuntu spirit, the energy of giving back has been spread far and wide. It has been highly impactful for our Nourish Our Children programme, which is all about nutrition and education.

Thanks to you, our Love Activists and donors for supporting us in achieving our goals: To serve humanity – with love, dignity and respect.

Together we all make a difference as we continue to spread the love…

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