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Donate or sign up for a monthly donation to support any of our programmes. Your donation will make the world of difference. 


Your donations have helped us grow our organisation over the past ten years.  In the last four years alone, we have managed to provide over 43 million nutritious meals to people in need, most of whom are children.  Your generosity, has helped us touch the lives so the millions of people with love, dignity and respect.

Our focus is now on uplifting communities by providing nutritious food to grow little children at Early Childhood Development Centres in poverty stricken areas.  A hungry child cannot focus, learn or play on an empty stomach, which is why we lead with nutrition.  Providing enough food for each child to consistently receive two healthy meals a day during early development, is life-changing.

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A monthly donation helps us procure food to sustain our Nourish Our Children nutrition programme. However, once-off donations are always welcome as we can provide healthy meals to people in need, restoring their hope and dignity.

Sponsor a small child two healthy meals a day for a month at R250.

A donation of R250 helps us feed a little child two nutritious meals daily for a month.  By making this monthly, together we are creating a better world for our children.

Donation methods

We accept all major credit and debit cards, monthly debit orders, Snapscan, Masterpass, Paypal, EFT and Bitcoin. Just choose your preferred method from the list below to make your donation.  Should you be supporting a programme or campaign please let us know in the donor comment line.

Credit and debit cards, Snapscan, Masterpass and instant EFT

Digital Debit Order (South African residents only)

We’re all about sustainability and long-term commitment to the people we help. Your monthly support is what makes this possible. If you’re an RSA resident, you can set up your monthly digital debit order below.

Donations from businesses


Did you know you can make a donation securely online via our Instant EFT tool? Just click here to get started. Alternatively, please see below for our banking info:

Important note:  Please add your email address in the reference line.

Name: Ladles of Love Foundation
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62722624013
Branch Code: 201511

Need a tax certificate? Please supply your name or email as a reference in order for us to track your payment or email POP to volunteer@ladlesoflove.org.za


BTC receiving address:


Need a Tax Certificate?
When you donate online, we’ll send you a receipt via email. You can request a Section 18A Tax Certificate for all monetary donations of R500 by following the simple instructions on your email receipt.

Any other questions? Drop us an email.

Why donate money to our charity

Ladles of Love is so much more than a soup kitchen. While a nutritious meal means the world to someone at the right time, we’re also working hard to focus on hand-ups rather than handouts in an effort to make a lasting difference in communities. To achieve this, we’ve created a network of support to help numerous other NPOs serve their communities, and we help establish community kitchens and projects to create sustainable solutions against hunger.

We make your donation stretch well beyond what you can imagine.

A young child stands, looking sorrowful, holding a half empty bowl of food
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Many acts of kindness create one huge impact of love.

Danny, Ladles of Love founder

Responsible spending. Maximum impact.

This is the mantra that drives our approach to donations. We’re able to do so much and support so many vulnerable children and families in need – as well as other NPOs and community projects – because we take great care to work wisely with the donations we receive.

Experience allows us to spend responsibly, and working with the community and our incredible volunteers help us keep overhead costs as low as possible, ensuring that the money you donate goes towards those who need it most.

Thank you for being part of our #HumanityAgainstHunger drive. By giving so freely in this generous way, you’re making a world of difference.

We simply cannot do this without you.


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