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The Ladles of Love Young Food Entrepreneurship Development Programme and Competition.

Welcome to Realise A Dream

Ladles of Love Realise A Dream (RAD) is an Enterprise Development Programme with an annual competition searching for Food Entrepreneurs and Agripreneurs who need support to sustain and expand their enterprises.

Working in communities on weekly basis, we see first-hand the impact of unemployment on people who line up for food at our soup kitchens every day in order to survive. Realise A Dream was established in 2021 to enable Food Enterprises to grow and provide jobs for people in communities, allowing them to sustain themselves and feed their families with dignity.

The search is on and we are looking for Food Enterprise owners to enter our Realise a Dream 2022 Competition. The programme has expanded to four categories allowing for 20 finalists that will result in four overall winners.

The entries are open from midday 18th March and close at midday 25th April 2022. Food Entrepreneurs and Agripreneurs can submit an Entry Form for any of the four categories, Baking and Confectionery, Food Products or Processing, Food Service or Eatery, and Farming Produce or Husbandry. Each category winner will get a line-share of the prizes including a capital expenditure allocation. The competition is open to anyone over the age of 20 years who has a valid South African ID and owns a business that has been operating in Cape Town or any of the Cape Peninsula areas for 12 months or more but less than five years.

We believe that if our Realise A Dream (RAD) Enterprise Development Programme can address the challenges of understanding business fundamentals, we will enable entrepreneurs to expand and create jobs for people in their communities.

Read on for more information on how to get involved as a sponsor or partner, how to enter the competition, and what our previous RAD contestants’ success stories are.

Why Realise A Dream Enterprise Development Programme?

Ladles of Love sees RAD as a platform to open opportunities for donors, funders, or corporate companies to invest in enterprise development and enterprise owners to access training, mentorship, and capital expenditure.

Realise A Dream RAD Ladles of Love
Realise A Dream RAD Ladles of Love
Ladles of Love Realise A Dream
Realise A Dream RAD Ladles of Love

The success of the Realise a Dream in 2021 has been incredible and to gain greater insights into the competition and programme, we share stories, videos, and insights that bring RAD to life.

What started as a Youth Day campaign culminating on the 16th June 2021, designed to in some way assist in creating jobs, has grown exponentially. RAD 2022 is now more inclusive to allow a broader age profile and more categories to allow for diverse food enterprise owners and urban farmers.

Realise A Dream launched

In May 2021, we launched Realise A Dream (RAD) – We called for young Food Entrepreneurs around Cape Town to enter the competition. Entrants had to have a valid South African ID, be between the ages of 18-24 years and have a final product/menu. Fantastic prizes were offered to those who made the top 10 with 3 winners being chosen for the grand prize.

a young female food entrepreneur in workshop session for the RAD food entrepreneurship development programme and competition
young food entrepreneurs outside makers landing at the va waterfront for the RAD food entrepreneurship development programme and competition
dawn nathan jones sharing a course for young chefs and food artisans for the RAD food entrepreneurship development programme and competition
owner of makers landing preparing young food artisans and chefs for the RAD food entrepreneurship development programme and competition

RAD 2021 Top 3 Finalists

Weeks went into preparation and training our RAD finalists to present their product on 16 June. Our RAD HQ was based at Makers Landing at the V&A Waterfront. Training was provided by Over the Rainbow, Maker’s Landing, GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World and Heavy Chef.

Each contestant had to present their product before a panel of judges which included celebrity chef Zola Nene, sustainability activist Mokgadi Itsweng and Woolworth Taste editor Abigail Donelley to name a few. Our judges were also representative of our business partners for the RAD competition.

food entrepreneur Thabisho Sechogela for the ladles of love RAD entrepreneurship development programme and competition

Thabiso Sechogela

young female food entrepreneur Genya Gluckman for the RAD entrepreneurship development programme and competition

Genya Gluckman

young male food entrepreneur Keanu Johnston from cape town for the RAD entrepreneurship development programme and competition

Keanu Johnston



  • Interactive Entrepreneurship Workshop – Over the Rainbow
  • Perfecting Your Pitch Facilitation – Over the Rainbow
  • 67 logo design for your business – Over the Rainbow
  • Product Hampers – Libstar
  • Mr Ackerman’s book – A Sprat To Catch A Mackerel by Raymond Ackerman
  • Branded Stationery and T-shirts – Sun International GrandWest
  • All finalists will be observed and one winner will be selected for two months subsidy in the Incubation Programme and R2500 Kitchen Hours at Makers Landing – Makers Landing


  • Capital Expenditure towards your business valued at R25 000 per winner – Sun International
  • 7 Month Golden Mentorship Programme – Over the Rainbow
  • Entrepreneurship Business Services for 1 year – Nexia-SABT
  • R5000 cash donation per winner – Nexia-SABT
  • R50 000 cash towards training/studies at an institution of your choice for the Farming Produce or Husbandry category – Pick n Pay
  • YOCO Khumo Card Machines – YOCO
  • Personalised chefs and Agripreneur jackets for each winner – 220 Fahrenheit


  • Training & Development – Libstar
  • Food Service & Food Safety training – Libstar
  • A day spent at procurement with Libstar
  • Product prizes tailored and suited to your business needs – Libstar
a management consultant teaching a class from over the rainbow for the RAD entrepreneurship development programme and competition

How Can You Get Involved As A Sponsor/Partner?

Creating change and opportunities in our communities is not something we can achieve alone. Therefore, the Realise A Dream Food Enterprise Development Programme is open to potential partnerships and sponsors. Together, we can create better Food Entrepreneurs and Agripreneurs in the Cape’s food industry!

Let’s aim to develop our local food supply chain and end hunger and malnutrition in our communities. We invite your business to help invest through the financial, product or service donations.


Each investment will contribute towards the Realise A Dream Food Enterprise Development Programme.

We invite your business to help develop our local economy while developing your own CSI initiatives through a partnership with RAD. The programme opportunities for brand exposure through our platforms will also help grow your market sustainability and authenticity.

Watch Previous RAD Competition

Meet our RAD 2021 Finalists. Simply click on the video below to get a glimpse of our previous RAD competition.

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