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There are many ways to make a difference.
Here are some of the ways we do it.

Ladles of Love started as a single soup kitchen serving 70 hot meals at our first official event. Today, we support numerous other community kitchens, schools, social enterprises, and NPOs with much-needed groceries and other goods, allowing them to reach out further and touch the lives of millions of vulnerable people who need it now more than ever.

These initiatives evolve as we adapt to the changing needs of the communities in which we are active. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the tremendous need for support, while also forcing us to find new ways to address these challenges. This has led to Ladles of Love focussing on building projects with a greater focus on sustainability and empowerment.

Current Ladles of Love projects

Explore our projects and be inspired to get involved, whether as a volunteer or by making a donation. A business can also sponsor a specific project if they so wish. Simply get in touch to discuss how you’d like to get involved.

Soup Kitchens

It’s about more than feeding the hungry. It’s about breaking down the social barriers that exist between us. Join as at one of our weekly kitchens for the homeless community, and help us share the love.

Guest at a soup kitchen smiles as he receives a bowl of soup, a bread roll and a cup of juice
Three children at The Munch Club feeding scheme smile as a Ladles of Love volunteer puts her arms around them

The Munch Club

You can’t focus on an empty stomach. The Munch Club is designed to feed young minds and bellies with healthy food, whilst reducing the pressure on strained school resources.

The Sandwich and Essential Groceries Drive

We make it easy for everyone to get involved and make a difference. Support us from the comfort of your home, and we’ll make sure those who need the help, receive it.

A young girl holds onto a SASKO bag full of peanut butter and jam sandwiches that were donated on Mandela Day 2020
Mama Victoria seasons a pot of soup she's cooking in her community kitchen, with Ladles of Love founder Danny by her side

Community Kitchens

Instead of only putting a plaster on the problem, Ladles of Love is looking at more sustainable community projects to provide lasting solutions in the fight against hunger.

Supporting Local NPOs

We join forces with local non-profit organisations that are already active in the communities where they’re needed most, to reach further, feed more children, and touch more lives.

Woman at a soup kitchen wearing a facemask with plates of food in each hand

How to get involved

There are so many ways to help – from volunteering at a soup kitchen, to sponsoring a community kitchen. Every bit of support matters, and we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get involved and make a real, measurable difference.

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