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Kindness Club

Sign-up for a monthly donation and join the Ladles of Love Non-Profit Kindness Club 

Ladles of Love revolves around the incredible kindness of people who see the value of what we do and why we do it!

Why Join our Kindness Club?

The Kindness Club was established with gratitude and appreciation as a way to recognise the collective of like-minded people, who support us and share our vision of a better future for all.

Our non-profit Kindness Club offers benefits to our members who have signed up for a monthly donation or annual basis, that enables us to take action against poverty by feeding people in need and funding food security driven programmes.

A khaki brown picture with caring hands and a heart coming out form them for the new ladles of love non-profit kindness club benefits logo

Members benefit from the Kindness Club in a myriad of ways and our fervent hope is that this reflects our genuine gratitude.  Our regular Club events are a platform for members to network and socialise, connecting with people and opening mutually beneficial opportunities.

Through our corporate and retail network, members who sign on for a monthly donation can enjoy exclusive special offers via a monthly Kindness Club newsletter, are kept in the know as to what’s happening in the progression towards food security and sovereignty.

If you would like to become a member of our club and join our circle of giving through a monthly donation to our charity, please fill in the form below.