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Nourish Our Children

Our nutrition programme provides food to serve children under six years old daily meals at Early Childhood Development centres in impoverished communities.

The importance of nutrition in early childhood development is still being overlooked in our poor communities. Malnutrition in children is still a huge problem in South Africa.

Why is nutrition education for kids important?

With almost 70% of children living below the poverty line in South Africa. Many still do not have access to nutritious food to help develop their growing bodies and minds.

A child cannot focus let alone learn on an empty stomach. There are many schools and ECD Centres that fall outside of the Government’s quantile system.  Many of our beneficiaries who also manage on-site ECDs struggle to get funding and equipment to help run their establishments. They are also in need of food to feed the children every day, while also feeding the children in their communities.

So many children run to these soup kitchens after school for lunch. Meals comprise of a nutritious dish of hot food with a sandwich. Sandwiches are eaten for lunch, while the meal is consumed later for dinner.

What is the Nourish Our Children Programme and why we need to end malnutrition in children today?

In March 2021, Ladles of Love launched the Nourish Our Children campaign in awareness of Human Rights Day. Everyone has a right to a healthy nutritious meal, especially our children.

We have now turned the Nourish our Children campaign into one of our on-going programmes. The aim of the programme is to:

  • Provide weekly bulk food, fresh produce and essential groceries.
  • Top up with home-made sandwiches from our Sandwich Drive.
  • Assist with infrastructural fixes and improvements to ECD Centres
  • Assist in the establishment of food gardens and edible education.
two children standing in line at a soup kitchen with their bowls waiting to be served to show why we must end malnutrition in children

How can we end malnutrition in children and what can you do?

Your support can secure more meals for children in our network of beneficiaries and their ECD’s across Cape Town and Johannesburg. Let’s end malnutrition and promote education around nutrition.

To businesses looking to develop their CSI and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, we invite you to partner with us.

If you are looking to help invest in our future and the development of our country’s children through our ECD feeding operation or via product/service donations, please contact us directly at info@ladlesoflove.org,za

Together we can make a stand against childhood malnutrition. #HumanityAgainstHunger


*Video shot in February 2021 

south african boy smiling over bowl of fresh and nutritious food

Malnutrition in children exists in more than half of South Africa's children today.

“The South African Child Gauge report concludes that there has been almost no improvement in the food and nutrition security of children living in South Africa over the past two decades.”

South African Child Gauge Report published 28 February 2021

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