Feed The Soil

Feed The Soil addresses both the need for ‘zero-to-landfill’ food waste along with the need for Urban Farmers to enrich their soil. This will help them grow better, nutritious produce while finding a route to market.

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The Feed The Soil programme is an urban farming initiative to help farmers grow better produce. The programme aims to create healthy compost from your food waste. Using the Feed The Soil Food Waste Tool Kit, you actively form part of our new urban farming ecosystem. From paying forward your organic waste, to turn into nutritious compost and buying back the fresh produce grown from it.

In turn, you create and form part of a sustainable circular ecosystem!

Why do we want to become one of the country’s leading conduits for sustainable farming charities?

Ladles of Love faces the challenge of feeding more than 30 000 people every day across the Cape Peninsula. The need continues to grow everyday as the lines get longer and more desperate. Struggling to keep up with the demand, many are trying to implement urban farming initiatives in their communities. As a result, soup kitchens can serve more meals comprised of healthy fresh grown produce daily.

Through our research, we have found one of the biggest problems facing our urban farmers is poor soil.

Our Feed the Soil programme offers a solution in turning your food waste into nutritious soil.

The new soil will then be used to our network of urban farms to help grow better organic produce for their local soup kitchens and markets! As a result, all will have access to healthy food while becoming self-sufficient and avoiding food shortages.

There are many sustainable living charities around the Western Cape and we hope to expand our cause through this programme.

men holding a big pot of vegetable stew at a soup kitchen in cape town who rely on sustainable living charities to help grow more food

What is the Feed the Soil programme and how does it work?

Join the Ladles of Love Feed the Soil Ecosystem today. Help fix the food supply chain in the Cape and help grow our network of sustainable farming charities.

The process is simple.
  • Purchase your Feed the Soil eco-waste Kit here
  • Start collecting your food waste at home (food scraps) using your kit
  • When your food waste storage bin is full, meet Danny and the team at the special weekly meeting point in your area to drop off your full bin and swop it for a clean, empty one (And buy some farm fresh veggies at the same time!)
infographic showing how the feed the soil programme will work from our home to farms in cape town to develop our sustainable farming charities

Where is the Love Activist Meeting Spot?

Over the weeks the Love Activist Meeting Spot will become a one stop drop, swop and shop spot. The feed The Soil weekly meeting spot will take place at Sunset beach Parking Lot in Sea Point every Wednesday between 9 am – 12 pm.

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Feed The Soil drop off points

Feed the Soil focuses on sustainable development through urban farming in Cape Town. We have partnered with Zero To Landfill Organics (ZTL Organics). ZTL Organics who are both experts and passionate about recycling food waste. They will assist us by turning the waste we collect from suburban households to a nutrient-rich compost.

The compost will then be delivered to our urban farms that will form part of our sustainable farming charities network.

Our Feed The Soil Food Waste Tool Kit for only R200 which will include:

  • 5 litre Food Waste Bin x 1
  • 25 litre Storage Bin x 1
  • Bag of Sawdust x 1
  • Bag of Bokashi x 1
two feed the soil waste kits to collect organic waste to help implement and develop urban farming for sustainable farming charities

How can you get involved?

As part of our first roll out plan, we are piloting Feed The Soil in the Sea Point and Mouille Point area in Cape Town. Love Activists in these areas can purchase the Feed The Soil Eco-Waste Tool Kit for just R200 (See above).

For our Love Activists not residing in these areas,  we are asking you to support our urban farm initiative with just R200. Your donation goes towards the development of better soil for our urban farmers. Make sure you leave the message “Feed the Soil’ in your donation message.

a collection of fresh organic fruit and vegetables for sale grown from urban vegetable farming in cape town

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