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Donate money

Your donation – no matter the amount – will make the world of difference to someone. If you can, give a monthly contribution to our work so we can grow sustainably.


Please consider making a donation so that Ladles of Love can buy healthy food in bulk for our Community Soup Kitchens, who feed tens of thousands of people daily.

We need your help

Your donations have helped us grow from a single soup kitchen to a network that helps to provide sustainable access to nutritious meals for thousands of people in need daily. By committing to a monthly amount, you help us sustain and grow our efforts to reach even more communities and children in need – sustainable solutions that can help provide the necessary food security that is so desperately needed.

What’s more, being good is good for business, as Richard Branson once said. Take a look at our CSR Guide to see how you can benefit from getting involved – from tax deductible donations, to building your brand image.

Small child at a soup kitchen wearing a facemask and holding a sandwich

What your donations support

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Community Kitchens
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Soup Kitchens
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The Sandwich Drive
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Local NPOs
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Community Farmers

Contact us to discuss specific donations

Business donations to our charity can be either to support our endeavours overall, or to enable a specific project. If your business wants to donate to a specific Ladles of Love project, sponsor a particular school, pay for a new community kitchen, or even suggest a new project, feel free to talk to us. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Tax focus:
Tax deductible donations

Companies can donate up to R10 000 each year, absolutely tax free! To assist you to access this benefit, we’ll issue you with an official tax certificate for donations over R500 upon request.

Simply complete the donation and then keep an eye on your email – we’ll send you a receipt with all the information you need to request your tax certificate.

For more information on donations and Corporate Social Responsibility, visit our handy CSR Guide.

Together we can change the world


of SA lacks food security


South Africans experience hunger


households are affected

*This was before COVID-19. In 2020, these figures skyrocketed.


Ladles of Love aims to address some of these challenges by helping those who need it most. While we started out as a soup kitchen, what we do today is about more than providing meals. It’s about dignity, respect, and creating the kind of world we all want to live in.

Girl in checked shirt sitting on an outdoor wall, eating lunch from a red plastic container

Every bowl placed in the hand of someone desperately hungry is an incredible act of kindness.

Danny, Ladles of Love founder

Make a difference every month

We’re all about sustainability and long-term commitment to the people we help. Your monthly support is what makes this possible. If your business is based in RSA, you can set up your monthly debit order below.

Thank you for being part of our #HumanityAgainstHunger drive. By giving so freely in this generous way, you’re making a world of difference.

We simply cannot do this without you.

More ways to get involved

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Donate Money


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