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Meet our partners

These wonderful partners keep us going. Join us and be part of the change.

At Ladles of Love we understand the immense value of partnerships. In fact, we thrive on it. Without the assistance and support of businesses which are involved in social responsibility projects, we won’t be able to do what we do: provide nutritious meals to as many people in need as possible.

Giving back to the community is easy if we work together

Over the past few years, we’re proud to have built some fantastic relationships with passionate, caring, and like-minded businesses. Together, we’ve grown from one soup kitchen feeding 70 people a week to supporting numerous community projects that reach millions of people in need.

Each and every business that supports us helps us to create the future we all want to see. We’re eternally grateful for the support of our partners. Meet these wonderful companies below, and consider joining the Ladles of Love family.

Be part of the change: become a partner or sponsor

Your organisation can join our Ladles of Love Family too and help us make a difference. Here’s how:

Monthly donations
● Adopt a Community Kitchen
Donate a product or service

If you have a product or service to offer, please get in touch on info@ladlesoflove.or.za or 021 201 1244 so we can chat. Check out some of our projects for inspiration on what you could be funding.

Meet our awesome partners

Below are just some of our amazing long-term partners that help us change lives. These businesses, which are involved in social responsibility projects, give back to the community by working with us, or by donating money, time, or produce to keep our kitchens running. Read on to get inspired!

GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World

Sun International gifted us a venue for our feeding operation at GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World. From July 2020, we set up our distribution centre in the 2 600 m2 Sun Exhibit Hall. Without their support we would never have been able to reach our 10 000 000 meals milestone.

Pesto Princess

For every delicious Pesto Princess soup sachet sold (they’re all 100% plant-based, by the way) Pesto Princess contributes to a steaming bowl of nutritious soup for a person in need through Ladles of Love. All the more reason to go try it now!


Exact has been a Munch Club partner since 2018. Pre-covid, they sent their team to one of our schools each week to serve soup. They also funded this project to ensure that no learner at the school needs to go hungry. During the pandemic, Exact & The Fix raised hundreds of thousands of Rands for us through the sale of face masks.

The Fix

The Fix has been a Munch Club partner since 2018. Pre-covid, they sent their team to one of our schools each week to serve soup. They also funded this project to ensure that no learner at the school needs to go hungry. During the pandemic, Exact & The Fix raised hundreds of thousands of Rands for us through the sale of face masks.

V&A Waterfront

We proudly worked in partnership with the V&A Waterfront to collect hundreds of kilograms of freshly-grown organic vegetables every week from their urban garden growing on the grounds of their head office. They’ve also become a reliable partner we can reach out to when we need prizes for our fundraising campaigns.

Outbound Film

Outbound Film collaborated with a bunch of very talented people to make a hard-hitting TV ad to help mobilise funding and support for the Ladles of Love feeding scheme in Cape Town. The support allows us to continue providing food relief support and creating sustainable food gardens.

BP Airport & BP Osman

These two service stations donate bread to use every single week, and have done so for years. All loaves donated each week are sent to Roeland Street where they’re served with some hot, nutritious soup to the homeless community.

Tin Can PR

This boutique PR agency has been at the forefront of communication for Ladles of Love. They’ve helped us secure a voice on multiple media platforms – from newspapers to radio interviews to press releases. Their success is due to their fresh approach to the way PR fits into the overall brand relations mix.


It was the CTICC who became our first big home when COVID-19 hit our shores. They generously donated one of their 1 500 m2 halls to set up our distribution centre when lockdown was first imposed in South Africa.  During our first 2+ months here, we managed to send out approximately 3 million meals.


Sasko has generously collaborated with us on various sandwich making campaigns, providing the bread we need to make it all possible. They donated all the bread to start up and launch three temporary sandwich hubs in Port Elizabeth and Gauteng in 2020, and were instrumental in helping us smash the World Record in making an astounding 304 583 sandwiches in an hour on Mandela Day 2020.


Proclick provides us with a huge amount of digital support. They run our Google Ads campaigns and were absolutely integral in the launch of our online store. Thanks Proclick!


Goscor gifted us the use of one of their forklifts so we can move all our heavy produce around with ease. We’ve processed over 1,200,000 kg of bulk produce/ingredients in the last 6 months alone, so this is a vital piece of equipment for us.


It’s Vanilla that keeps Ladles of Love online. They power the Internet at the Ladles of Love HQ in Roeland Street, so that we can concentrate on cooking nutritious meals.

Arcade Digital

Arcade Digital are a Cape Town-based digital agency and our web development partners. They helped us to create a strong online presence that will adapt to our needs as we grow.


Octotel is the reason we’re connected! Thanks to them, the Ladles of Love HQ in Roeland Street has fibre for business.

Anchor Yeast

Always rising to the top, Anchor Yeast was the main sponsor for our 2020 World Sandwich Day. Thanks to them, we were able to make almost 50 000 sandwiches for hungry communities!

Wiggle Car Hire

During the first few months of lockdown, we expanded really quickly. Wiggle supported this growth and kept us mobile by loaning us the use of one of their vehicles at no charge. They often let us borrow cars for the day to enable us to visit our beneficiaries and the communities we support.

Minus 40

Minus 40 manufactures specialised refrigeration equipment for the hospital, camping, and hospitality industries. They donated two brand new refrigeration units for our new kitchen!

Design Your Sign

The awesome folk at Design Your Sign are the masterminds behind the look of our beautiful customised bakkie.

Black River FC (Previously Jupiter Drawing Room)

Black River FC is an integrated creative agency with ambitions to businesses to create change for Africa through creativity and innovation. They have donated their creative resources and collaborated with Ladles of Love to change the COVID-19 story. The ctloved campaign is their brainchild, and they designed all the OOH (out of home) advertising collateral and the radio ad for this campaign.

Rhodes Quality

Rhodes Quality has helped us make our sandwiches a little sweeter since lockdown. They’ve generously donated many cans of jam for our record-breaking Mandela Day challenge, our 24-hour Sarmiethon, and to our temporary sandwich hubs across the country.


UCOOK – the producers of SA’s most popular meal kits – supports Ladles of Love every week by contributing fresh, tasty soup for use in our soup kitchens. Thanks to them we can ensure we have enough for every hungry guest.

Sam Gribble @ Hummingbird

Sam Gribble kindly helps us with all things IT, including web hosting, backups, and site maintenance.

Cape Cup

Cape Cup provides us with thousands of eco-friendly takeaway containers in which we can serve our food to those in need.

Van Cartel

Van Cartel supported our efforts by making a number of their great vans available to Ladles of Love during lockdown. This allowed us to transport essential goods and food to where it was needed most.

Kerstons Foods

Kerstons Foods also helped us with a vital transport solution, by making one of their 3-ton trucks available for use. This has proved to be a lifesaver in getting food and essential goods to where there is a need.

Doppio Zero

It was Doppio Zero who made this all possible. This was our home when we first started out – we cooked from their kitchen on St Georges Mall, where we stayed for 5 years! They were a tremendous support to us and helped make Ladles of Love what it is today.

We can’t do this without you

While there are many NPOs doing exceptional work, many are desperately looking for donations, funding and support. We’re able to provide some of this support thanks to the involvement of incredible businesses like yours. There are so many ways you can help – from donating your product or services to sponsoring a community project.

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