The Munch Club

You can’t focus on an empty stomach. We’re here to make sure no kids go hungry during lessons.

We started The Munch Club in order to tackle a serious problem that so many schools in South Africa are facing: the fact that many children arrive at school hungry. They’ve often traveled long distances to attend classes and often have no lunch with them. How can a child learn on an empty stomach?

Many kids qualify for free school lunches, but lots of schools simply don’t have the budget or the resources to provide reliable food security. That’s where The Munch Club comes in, creating an opportunity for people to sponsor a child to join a healthy feeding scheme.

The Munch Club is our school feeding scheme

The Munch Club is designed to feed young minds and bellies with healthy food, whilst reducing the pressure on strained school resources. When we adopt a school into The Munch Club, we try to keep their kitchen stocked with bulk food supplies, such as vegetables, rice, samp, maize meal, and pulses, so that they can provide kids with a nutritious cooked meal daily.

We’ve also learned from some teachers that there is a huge stigma attached to the concept of free meals. Many learners are embarrassed to eat a ‘free’ lunch as they are teased by their peers. The Munch Club helps to tackle this stigma by making lunchtimes fun again. We create a light and jolly environment where the learners are excited and happy to come eat with our team.

School in focus: De Waveren Primary

One of the schools we’ve partnered with is De Waveren Primary. This school is situated in the suburb of Ruyterwacht in Cape Town – an area that is home to a number of low-income households. We provide approximately 500 delicious, nourishing meals every week to these children, helping them to grow into the leaders they can and will be.

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To build a nation of leaders we need our children to be nurtured and nourished.

We work with underprivileged schools in Cape Town and when we adopt a school we see it as a long-term commitment, building a sustainable relationship with students and teachers alike so that they can rely on us to be there every single lunchtime with a nutritious meal.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower partner schools to have entirely self-sufficient kitchens, with their own equipment and staff trained in health and nutrition. Our future vision is a city of independent school kitchens, all serving tasty, nutritious food cooked on-site, by paid staff.

We’re keen to partner with organisations who’d like to sponsor a school and help us tackle the issue of child hunger. You’re invited to sponsor one of our schools with an amount of meals that fits your budget, whether for a day, a term, or a year. It’s completely up to you. You’d be surprised how many kids we can provide with healthy, tasty meals every day with every contribution through our school feeding scheme.

Help us help them grow healthy bodies and minds

Join the Munch Club

Adopt a school

We’re on a mission to expand The Munch Club, and we need your help. We want to provide our current students with food every day of the week, along with expanding to reach more learners. There’s a long list of schools that are in desperate need of support.

Are you or your company interested in sponsoring a school? We can provide details of schools in real need, or you may have a school in your community already in mind. Tell us what you have to work with, and we’ll find the perfect partner school for you.

Sponsor a child

It doesn’t cost much to feed one of our students a healthy, tasty meal. In fact, we can do it for as little as R10 per day. By sourcing and supplying bulk supplies, along with nourishing recipes, we can make sure that hundreds of children get healthy, cooked meals every week.

You can sponsor a child now and feed them for a day, a week, a term, or even a year – any amount that suits your budget – and make a real difference to their education. R10 is all it takes.

Together, we can keep these children in school and well-fed so that they can focus on their studies and have access to the education – and the future – they deserve.

More ways to get involved

There are so many ways to help – from volunteering at a soup kitchen, to sponsoring a school. Every bit of support matters, and we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get involved and make a real, measurable difference.

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