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Feeding and Reading

Fundamental factors in developing small children’s bodies and minds.

Support our Love Books campaign and ensure a small child grows as every child in our country should, with healthy meals every day and a book to read.

We start 2024 with a special campaign aimed at funding our nutrition plan for 5,000 little children in 65 Early Childhood Development Centres situated in the Western Cape, Northern Cape, and Gauteng.

No children can function, focus or learn on an empty tummy this is why we focus our Nourish our Children programme on addressing their nutrition first and foremost. Providing two healthy meals a day to malnourished little children living in impoverished communities will nourish, nurture, and grow them ensuring they are set up, to be the best they can be.

Following food as a fundamental factor in developing children is reading, and the lack of books in under resourced ECD Centres is a massive problem.  Our campaign aims to address this by raising funds to couple feeding with reading and by doing this ensure 5,000 children have access to food and books in 2024.

Our goal is to fund 5,000 children in 2024 and we invite you to invest in and help grow our future leaders.

Love Books Individual Social Investment

For every R250 we can feed a child and give them a book to read and should you be able to commit to this monthly, you would make the world of difference to this child’s development. Sign up to be a monthly donor and receive an annual 18A Tax Certificate.