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As we’re still celebrating woman’s month and the beauty of a woman, I thought to stick to this theme as I write to you today.

Day after day, we come across women from all walks of life in our organisation. Those who are in the fortunate position to be a donor or sponsor of our programmes. Those are at home and have some time to come in and volunteer. Those who wake up early and get to bed late as they have to prepare meals for the most vulnerable in their communities. Even those who queue in the lines at our kitchens, who have lost everything and depend on the aforementioned, to supply them with a nutritious meal for themselves and their families.

Each of these women grew up as a little girl with hopes and aspirations, goals they set for themselves, plans for their lives. Some managed to achieve them, some are moving towards achieving them, some – due to circumstances – have given up on them altogether, others fear to dream as they’ve been disappointed so many times.

I don’t know which of these women may be, or who of these women you’re married to, raised, or are partners with. As much as we aim to alleviate hunger in our country, to feed hungry bellies and meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities; we also wish to feed the soul. Souls of those who find themselves alone, those who’ve given up on their dreams, and forgotten their purpose.

Although we don’t have all the answers and we may not have all the resources. There is something we do have, ee have created opportunities for you to feel part of a community, to give back, to serve the needs of others and feel what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. To experience the satisfaction and the pure joy of meeting someone’s felt need. As a Love Activist, you have the opportunity to live your life on purpose.

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