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Finally it is February and from the longest month, we enter the shortest one but this year we have a bonus day, being a leap year!  There is something special about a leap year.  A bit of serendipitous information – Did you know that leap years were established by Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar back in 46BC?

With an extra day in hand, our plan is to make February a ‘feel good’ month filled with love projects that everyone can get involved in.  Why? because they are bursting with passion and purpose, plus promote the power of partnerships.

In preparation for our LOVE month we reached out to one of our benefactors and partners, James Fernie, Director of Uthando and asked him to share with us some of his passion projects.  We boarded the Uthando mini-bus with James at the helm, joined by his colleague Xolani and headed to Delft.  Uthando specialise in ‘responsible tourism and travelling philanthropy’ of which we are a beneficiary.  It is a brilliant concept and has won them awards or recognition for introducing visitors to community NPOs and development projects.

Regaled with heartfelt stories on route, we finally arrived at Ulwazi Educare Centre. Patiswa Bangani the principal of Ulwazi Educare. Here is a school designed and built by The Natural Building Collective Team and funded by GCU constructed using sustainable materials like tyres packed with rubble and eco-bricks filled with plastic litter collected by children. Wow is all we can say, as we were blown away!

When you see the power of partnerships to solve social issues in a sustainable way involving the community, for the community – you realise this is how we will instil hope and knit social cohesion to rebuild our country. As James says: “It’s about giving with love. Creating hope and faith. Hope for a better future, faith in humanity.”

Love is what this is all about, love for one another and most of all for our children. They are our future and in love month we focus on leading with feeding and reading.  Looking at Patiswa’s beautiful sustainably built school, we could not help but notice how sad the little libraries in the classrooms were and how on point our current campaign is for ECDs in need of books.

Here is something to ponder on that can make February a feel good month. We have 29 days to figure out our finances and prepare for the tax year-end. Donations to LOVE BOOKS where you sponsor a child in need two healthy meals a day and a book to read at R250 per month – comes with a 18A Tax certificate for spend over R500.  To our knowledge, this means you can legally claim using an 18A tax certificate up to 10% of you total tax due in a fiscal year.  With many financial year ends happening this month, donating like this is a win-win for everyone but most of all the kids.

This month join us and wear your heart of your sleeve, be a Love Activist and see how amazing you feel. Doing good for good with love, makes you feels good and gives you joy of life and hope for peace.

Follow the banners below and donate, swipe, sign up to volunteer and consider Simon Sinek’s words: “The only thing we can’t do – is nothing.”

With our gratitude and appreciation,
Danny & the entire team at Ladles of Love ♥️

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