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The mother city is certainly a hive of activity with traffic jams in and out of the city, packed restaurants and people networking wherever you turn.  This is what happens when Mining Indaba week culminates in SONA!

This year it felt different, not because we got caught up in the business buzz. Rather, that we are one of the beneficiaries of Mining Indaba’s organisers Hyve Group, who believe in using events as a platform for change. They have committed social investment to cover the annual costs of feeding all the children and teachers at one of the ECD Centre they have built with Breadline in Barcelona, Gugulethu.

As Candice Etberg of Gauteng COO says: “Food and education go hand-in-hand, which is why our mission is to feed nutritious food to as many children as we can, and gift them with tools for basic education. Early childhood education is as important, not only is it imperative for social skills and brain development, but also for their language skills, motor skills, confidence building and cultural awareness (to name a few).

Working in the food relief industry often humbles me to the point of finding gratitude in many things people take for granted. Two of those things for me, are having food in my fridge and curling up with a good book to read. So, what could be taken for granted?  Well, the fact that I was taught to read and always had food in my tummy is something that many children only dream about.

This is why I wholeheartedly support our LOVE BOOKS campaign.  A book is a gift you can open again and again, and food is the language of love.  These two things alone can change a child’s life forever… and if you can afford to fund a child at R250 a month – what a wonderful thing to be able to do.”

Sandwich Makers newsflash: Please note from 1 March our Sandwich Drive depots that were set-up during the Covid-crises so kindly, will no longer receiving home-made sarmies and groceries. However, our Warehouses in Epping and Wynberg, Sandton/Wynberg will remain as drop off depots, as well as our Dignity Kitchen at 14A Roeland Street, Cape Town.

Every day we are blown away by the kindness of YOU, our supporters. We often wonder if you realise what a difference you are making and just how grateful we are to YOU for walking this journey with us.

PS: Don’t forget February is a good month to donate and get your SARS 18A Tax break.

With our gratitude and appreciation,
Danny & the entire team at Ladles of Love

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