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Perhaps it’s a coincidence that Sunday is Father’s Day – as last week we went out to feed at the recycling centres, we came across some Daddy’s with their children.

Speaking to these incredible men, who not only hussle for themselves but mainly for their children – evoked a different kind of respect in me. I talked to Bafana, who is 32 and has a little boy, Njabulo, aged 18 months and a little girl Precious, who is 7.

“I don’t live on the streets, I have a place where I live in my Mother’s yard. I am doing this rather than doing crime, so it’s better to come to scrap metal to hustle something and get something in return. It’s how I’m making a living and how I’m supporting my children. I don’t drink, I don’t do crime and I don’t smoke drugs” Bafana told me.

Our Nourish our Children programme not only nourishes and feeds the children in the informal settlements, but it feeds the hearts and minds of their parents too. No parent should have the stress of wondering where their child’s next meal is coming from.

Thanks to you, our incredible donors, we can provide these children with healthy, nutritious meals whereby their parents can rest, knowing that their child is getting sufficient nutrition. Food certainly is the language of love.

Thank you for your continuous support and for helping us spread the love.

Together we make a difference, and it feels good to do good!

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