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It is natural to want to protect kids from harm and worry, so having a discussion with them around climate change can feel hard. Children can feel many emotions about climate change, such as anxiety, fear, sadness and anger. These are very natural reactions to something as uncertain and devastating.

Though we can’t solve climate change for our children, we can help them discover the facts, know that they are not alone, and find ways to take action.

Last week I met two amazing young ladies named Gia and Sienna from St. Cyprians school in Gardens. They shared with me the projects they’ve been involved with through their school. From taking care of animals, to recycling and mindful living.

Gia shared how for her birthday she requested – instead of gifts – that her friends make a donation and feed children from our Early Childhood Development centres. She ended up sponsoring three little ones in our centres, for three months. “But I want to sponsor more”, she said. Through our chatting they shared how they know that food availability is affected and why people need to help where they can.

She wanted to purchase a Feed The Soil kit but had only R100 left which she offered to donate or buy only half the kit. 😊 My heart was moved by her passion to do great things for others and for the environment. Likewise, Sienna was sharing ideas about how they could encourage their classmates to join the programme. I knew that with passion and zeal like theirs, there is hope for the environment, as long as we nurture that passion.

Some ways you can nurture that passion in your kids could include the simple act of slowing down and taking the time to appreciate nature and help children to develop a curiosity and wonder for the natural world. Plant seeds together to see how something grows from nothing.

For every environmental problem you discuss, try to show a solution. Talk about what steps you are taking as a family, such as reducing waste in your home, saving water, recycling, or switching off unused lights and appliances. This helps to reinforce the idea that everyone can do something to help address climate change.

Let your child know that many young people are standing up for our planet and taking climate action into their own hands, and they can too. You have an opportunity to engage your child to do something for others.

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