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When it comes to taking care of yourself, love has everything to do with it. You watch what you eat, where you drive, what you wear and how you present yourself. When you love someone, it changes you, it activates you to defend and protect them, to celebrate their successes, cry with them when they’re sad, laugh with them when they’re happy.

When you feel that love returned to you, that feelings transform you and takes the relationship to a whole new level.

I ask myself, if Mother Earth has been so good to us, and has shown us so much love by providing us with food, water, air, why then is the love unrequited? Maybe, because love is not a subject spoken of when discussing climate change or pollution or soil degradation. Yet, love is the very current that runs from nature to us

We cannot save the planet without putting love at the core of our campaigns, without it being the very thing that drives us. For indeed, when you love you nurture, when you love you protect, when you love you take action to do better, to be better.

Sometimes, like in relationships, you begin to drift away from someone, maybe because you forgot that you love them or you forget that they love you. And maybe, just maybe, that has been our relationship with nature. Maybe we forgot that we love it, or that nature loves us.

But with love comes forgiveness and an opportunity to change things for good. And today, before us, is an opportunity to ask for forgiveness and do better. Fortunately, nature does not hold grudges against us, she continues to nurture us by providing food to eat, water to drink and air to breathe.

We have done many things wrong in this relationship, we have taken it for granted and we could possibly be left with feelings of shame when we realise just how bad we’ve allowed it to get. But there is a remedy for shame … love!

And so instead of digging into the shame attached to our wrong-doings, rather embrace love and do something different today. Because every journey begins with a single step, here are just 3 things you can do today to show love to Mother Earth:

  1. Buy produce from urban farmers – we’ve made it easy for you by making it available at our meeting spots
  2. Buy only what you need and minimise waste
  3. Collect any food waste you have in your food waste bucket and help us replenish the soil

So to answer the question – What’s love got to do with it? Everything!

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