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Every day at Ladles of Love, we are putting love into action, and it’s an incredible feeling witnessing first-hand the impact your donations make.

Our Nourish Our Children programme enables us to provide a healthy meal for the children at our Early Childhood Development centres, most of which are under-equipped with the necessary resources for children between 2 and 6 years.

Food is a fundamental requirement in creches in the informal settlements. It’s a daily struggle for the teachers and parents to feed the children, but thanks to our amazing donors, we are slowly but surely alleviating these stresses, one ECD at a time.

When Margaret, the principal of Promise Of Hope Day Care arrived to collect her weekly food pallet yesterday, she hugged me said: “Bless you all – you have changed our lives. The children and the parents. And some of the kids have never had oats -ooh they love the oats”. Hearing these things warms my heart. It never gets old- the love and the gratitude!

Many parents cannot pay school fees due to lack of employment, and despite this, our Mamma Warriors do not turn any child away. This is pure love. Pure compassion. Love in action.

Unfortunately, food relief is not the only challenge at our ECD centres. Many of them lack the appropriate toys/equipment conducive to the different developmental stages of a child.

Although we focus on providing healthy meals for the children, we’re passionate about helping the teachers too. Equipping the creches with educational toys and supplies makes teaching more accessible and enjoyable, so we’re on a mission to get as many of these things as we can..

When we hand out balls to the kids at our creches, the joy and excitement from receiving a ball is contagious!! This is also thanks to your contributions—what huge gifts a ball and a meal are – and what a big difference such small things make!

Through your support, we get to see proof that together we make a difference, and we thank you for continuing to help us spread the love and make the world a better place!

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