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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is quite heartwarming to watch little kids in shopping malls scuffling along with their dads to find a suitable gift for mom. All in an effort to show her how much she’s loved and appreciated.

It’s that time of year where mom’s get to sit back and relax, having breakfast in bed prepared, spa treatments booked, a bouquet of flowers and maybe even a card with a cute note written by the youngest child in the family.

On the other hand, it can be quite a sad time for children who didn’t grow up with their mom’s or whose mom is no longer with them. I think particularly of the kids who line up outside our kitchens who have to fend for themselves, walk from kitchen to kitchen to secure meals for the day for themselves and possibly a sibling. Those who don’t have the luxury of waking up to a mom cooking breakfast for them or who they can cook breakfast for on this Mother’s Day.

Fortunately, through our Nourish our Children programme, we have these Warrior Mama’s who prepare meals with love day after day, so that these kids who search for a warm meal, don’t have to look far but can find it right up the street from them. Meals made from the heart, thoughtfully prepared so that not one child in their communities needs to go hungry.

These kids are not their own, yet they give of themselves freely to show love.

That’s the power of a mother’s love. It goes beyond biological connection and it doesn’t have to be earned. There is so much craziness in the world today, so much rejection, so much hatred, so much injustice, nonsensical violence, incredible amounts of pain as a result of loss, and all we can offer to remedy all of these, is love.

As you consider your mother this coming Sunday, or your role as a mother, or a nurturer, won’t you consider those among us who are not as priviledged, those who rely on the goodness of others who are not their family but share love anyway, not their mothers but prepare a warm meal for them anyway.

If you would like to support an ECD Mother in recognition of your Mother, please consider helping us help them by buying a voucher for gas and food by clicking the link in the button below.

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