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In keeping with our focus on appreciating women and the mothers that surround us and nurture us, it would be fitting to reflect on Mother Nature and the many gifts she gives us daily.

Much like our mothers whose very nature it is to provide and shield and nurture her children, likewise, Mother Nature does the same for us. She gives us everything that sustains life: food, water and air.

As the human race, though, we have erred and made many mistakes that affect the beauty of nature and her ability to provide for us. What we did with the resources she provides and how we treat our environment around us has affected her ability to provide the resources that’s much needed.

From overpopulation to pollution to deforestation to burning fossil fuels. These mess ups have triggered climate change, poor air quality, undrinkable water and soil erosion

Some of these mess ups or mistakes can’t be fixed by Mother Nature without our help. It would be great if we never made the mistakes to begin with, but it would be a complete and utter waste if we didn’t learn from our mistakes.

Proud that we can play a part in their success. These very farms receive compost from the food waste you drop at our meeting spots. Getting vegetable beds ready to harvest, and others ready for planting seeds.

So, we have an opportunity, through our Feed the Soil programme to restore soil quality so that seeds can be planted and earth can yield a harvest so that nature can once again provide what we need. It’s seems like such a huge problem and such a simple solution, but our farmers can attest to the fact that their soil quality has majorly improved. They are able to yield a bigger harvest. They can use more of their land to plant as the beach sand they once had, is replenished with nutrient-rich compost provided through the Feed the Soil programme.

So, this is your opportunity to right the wrongs, to fix some of our mistakes. By simply collecting your food waste at home and dropping it with us at our pop-ups, you get to divert food waste away from landfills, reducing the build-up of methane gases and slows down climate change.

On top of that, your food waste becomes the very thing that replenishes and restores the soil our farmers need to plant seeds and harvest fresh organically farmed vegetables. Can you believe that this simple action can have such a huge impact on the environment and on top of that, contribute towards alleviating hunger. Nature has done her part, now it’s time for you to do yours. Purchase your food waste kit below and start collecting your food waste today and let’s give back to Mother Nature, with love.

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