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Few of us will ever reach our full potential without the nurturing of both the mother who bore us, and the mothers who bear with us.

We consider every woman who has influenced our lives. The influence of a grandmother, aunt, sister, school teacher and community mamas. All these women bear with us daily in our pursuit of happiness, of love, or fulfilling our purpose on earth. They care for us, teach us, encourage us, guide and protect us. They influence our lives for good.

And when I say mothers, I don’t only refer to those who bore a child biologically, but all those who take the time to nurture, to give of themselves in service to others, our Love Activists. We would do a disservice to those women if we restrict motherhood to those who gave birth to a child, for there are many who didn’t, but who rise early and get to bed late to take care of many unselfishly, as though she gave birth to them.

My thoughts immediately go to the many who sign up week in and week out to volunteer at our Dignity Kitchens, sunshine or rain, they’re there to prepare, to chop, to cook, to serve, with love. And those women who get up at 4am on weekdays to be ready with breakfast at 7am in their communities, so that children – ones they did not bear – can go to school with a full tummy.

You would think these women crazy, but the rewards they get when serving others, I’m sure they’ll all agree, far outweighs the sacrifices they make.

Serving others fuels your sense of purpose and doing it along with others gives you a sense of belonging. It teaches you empathy and listening skills, it fosters diversity and inclusion. Parents who want to rear well-rounded children will get their kids to volunteer, because they understand the value in it. Business owners who want innovative, creative, yet compassionate staff with the necessary soft skills to go along with their hard / technical skills, will get their staff to volunteer.

So, as we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this coming weekend, consider the many things the one who reared and nurtured you, did you for you unselfishly, and think about how you can be of service to others, how you can be a Love Activist, where your children or your colleagues or employees can serve.

Sign up below and experience the joys of being of service to others.

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