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I visited a farm in Khayelitsha today, they are part of a group of farmers we purchase the bulk of our uncertified organic vegetables from, and what an experience that was.

The love these farmers have for what they do, the time and effort that goes into planting and growing fresh vegetables following organic planting guidelines is amazing. Just watching these community mamas bent low in these gardens to harvest what they’ve grown and then preparing meals from it, leaves me feeling so proud.

Proud that we can play a part in their success. These very farms receive compost from the food waste you drop at our meeting spots. Getting vegetable beds ready to harvest, and others ready for planting seeds.

They don’t consider work they put in to de-weed, compost, space the beds and plant, because they know all too well, that the time for harvesting will come. The time when they’ll experience the reward for the hard work, and they won’t be the only ones experiencing it.

You and I get to enjoy these vegetables. The quality is undeniably better than store bought vegetables, where the colour is bright and the flavour that bursts in your mouth reminds you of a time when our parents and grandparents lived off the land.

They get to sow in labor and we get to enjoy the harvest, but you have an opportunity to sow with them by purchasing a seasonal seeds voucher in our store and making sure the supply of fresh vegetables is constant. For as long as there is seeds in the ground, there’ll be a harvest.

We have made it simple. By donating to our Nourish our Children programme, helping us to be the hands that reaches where you cannot, and in due season, you too will reap what you’ve sown.

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