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I was at our warehouse this morning and watched these three young French students, Alexis,  Maxence and Pierre decanting dried goods on the floor whereafter they quickly rushed to pack produce on pallets to be collected by our beneficiaries.

These young men, only 18 years old, made a decision to travel to a country where they could enjoy the beauty the place has to offer, but also serve the locals in communities where an extra hand is needed.

They have been with us for three weeks and have really knitted themselves into the Ladles family, serving at our warehouse – with no task too difficult to complete. Then serving our community at the dignity kitchen in the evenings, chopping veg in the mornings and giving their absolute best every minute that they’re with us.

I look at them and know with certainty that they’ll excel at whatever they decide to do after this. They even speak about opening a Ladles of Love branch in France because, what we may not know, is that poverty and hunger is as big a challenge there – as it is here.

But amidst their personal challenges, they serve and give of themselves, much like all our Love Activists at Ladles, giving and giving, expecting nothing in return.

We know that since you’ve planted seeds of hope through your service to others, that should you ever need help, it’ll be done to you that what you have done for others.

Keep serving. Click the banner below to sign up for a volunteering slot!

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