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So, I’m a firm believer in this statement, “what you sow, you will reap”.

I have not just learnt about this principle in Sunday school as a young girl, but it’s been taught in many ways throughout my life. Someone else might say “what you put in, is what you’ll get out”. Read more…

I chatted to one of our Mama Warriors yesterday as she collected her produce for the week from our warehouse and she showed me the pictures of the meals she prepares for her community on Fridays. The quality of food and the manner in which she presents it is not what you’d expect from a community kitchen.

Everything that she serves has been donated to her. The produce from Ladles of Love and the chicken necks and pieces donated by someone else. With love, she prepared a meal that looked both appetizing and nutritious.

The people in her community make comments like “this one is rich to cook food like this”. Truth is, she will be richer for giving the least amongst us – nothing less than we’d give to the esteemed among us.

And for her, her reaping might not be monetary, but she will certainly reap.

How can you make sure her pantry and the many other kitchens and ECD Centres we provide produce to, is never empty and those meals will be readily available to our little ones and the community at large?

We have made it simple. By donating to our Nourish our Children programme, helping us to be the hands that reaches where you cannot, and in due season, you too will reap what you’ve sown.

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