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This week I take you behind the scenes at Ladles of Love for the simple reason that you, as our supporters deserve to know the importance we place on bean counting!  We are fastidious about tracking, tracing and counting every ounce of food that comes through our doors – whether donated or bought at the best possible price.

Providing nutritious food to vulnerable people, especially children is our core business – so it is a precious commodity, and we are the conduit to people in need.  This is why it is our job, to make sure that we know where every single carrot or bean has arrived from and goes to,  so that we can be accountable but also measure our impact on people’s lives.

Our teams are committed to ensuring that this precious food is not only counted and received but treated with respect, as this is not just fresh produce, dry goods and pulses – it is a lifeline.

Our teams, together with volunteers have to weigh and measure the dry goods to re-purpose the packaging in line with the needs of the beneficiary.  Everyone takes pride in this project, as they understand that every grain of rice or samp is going to be cooked up into a meal, which will provide a meal to a child suffering from the effects of hunger.

You our donors know that your donation is safe in our hands.  By you turning your hard-earned cash into food, is a currency of kindness you can’t begin to imagine.

Making a conscious decision to donate is a powerful purposeful action and when you hit ‘donate’ it only takes a few minutes to process – and our dedicated team are on standby to do the rest!

Donate now and let’s do it!

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