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As you know, our Nourish our Children programme focuses on healthy, nutritious meals for all children. However, a nutritious meal is even more imperative for children with disabilities. These children often have unique nutritional needs due to the impact of their condition on their overall health and development.

There is nothing quite like the love and smiles we get when we visit these special, loving souls. This week we visited The Alexandra Disability Movement – a fantastic organisation near Alexandra Township. It is run by Angie who is blind, and many other loving workers and caregivers who are also disabled.

Lunchtime is always a treat, and we get to share in serving the delicious, healthy meals provided by Ladles of Love and cooked by our magnificent Mama Warriors.

It is thanks to you, our donors, that we can also support children with disabilities, and uplift them in any way we can. The beauty is that we not only get to uplift the children but also the lives of their caretakers. These women work selflessly, day and night, to ensure these children’s needs are met.

Their biggest challenge is food. Healthy food. And this is where, with your help, we get to alleviate their stresses by enabling them to feed these children nutritious food. And what a difference a healthy meal makes to all. A nutritious meal is imperative for children with disabilities to support their growth, development, immune function, cognitive abilities, bone and muscle health, digestive well-being, and overall management of coexisting health conditions.

A diet tailored to their specific needs significantly enhances their quality of life and improves their ability to participate in various activities. How wonderful it is to see the smiles on the faces of our satisfied Mamma Warriors when they are in their kitchens, cooking food, and knowing that their hard work, love and dedication most certainly pays off!

With your continued support, we can make sure these children receive the necessary nutrients and support for their unique requirements – and we can continue to serve with dignity, love and respect, as always. Again, thank you for helping us spread the love.

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