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We Smashed the Record!

On 29 August 2021, Ladles of Love smashed the World Record for building the Longest Line of Food Cans in Cape Town, South Africa!


This year, Ladles of Love successfully beat the current World Record for the Longest Line of Food Cans on 29 August 2021!

For over 2 months we reached out to South Africans to help raise food can donations, sign-up to help build the line and spread word to their friends, families and colleagues to get together as Ladles of Love offered locals one of the most fun things to do in Cape Town in August!

Together with our community of Love Activists from around the Cape, we managed to build a 6, 7 km line made up of a whopping 90 450 donated food cans at the iconic V&A Waterfront!

This feat would not have possible without the love and kindness that poured in by the thousands in the form of food cans that wound itself through our hearts and our city to offer a solution to feed those in need while raising awareness of the hunger crisis in our country.

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The Route Map Plan for the Building of the 6, 7 km route at the V&A Waterfront

The planning of the Attempt was not only to make history in our country but also offer some of the most fun things to do in Cape Town in August.

The logistics took months of preparing and planning. We had to ensure all of those involved were safe during the building of the line and all social distancing practices were adhered to.

map of things to do in august at our ladles of love world record breaking event

The Challenge Is Not Over...

While we are ecstatic to have smashed the World Record by doubling the amount of food cans, we still face the challenge of feeding 30 000 people everyday. How can you still get involved?

Set up a monthly debit order for any amount and help us secure a meal to someone in need every day. Sign-up HERE

Make your donation today and join us by becoming a Love Activist today. Donate HERE.

Register to become a volunteer and join us in helping our communities in need while making the world a better place. Register at volunteer@ladlesoflove.org.za

Ladles of Love offered some fun things to do in Cape Town in August, but we are preparing to offer even more opportunities to get you involved!

Join us and let’s keep being #HumanityAgainstHunger

Thank you to our partners and sponsors involved!

This incredible feat would also not have been possible without the support of our incredible partners and supporters. Building a 6, 7 km line of food cans in the heart of the city was by far one of the most unusual things to do in Cape Town for our Love Activists!

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