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Today is 29 February and there is some kind of magic about a day that only comes around in a leap year that feels full of hope and promise.

When you visit women warriors in communities who are doing extraordinary work and against all odds have taken a leap of faith, you wonder how living in abject poverty, they find this kind of courage.

Beverly Roberts is one of these women, who was worried sick about the safety of the vulnerable and disabled children who were easy prey while roaming the streets.

By opening her home to a handful of small children she became a beacon of hope and a safe haven. Before long, the word got out and she was creating more space, finding teachers, and formalising Sunflower Educare Centre.  The combination of costs and relentless regulations means she cannot get over the line and battles to make ends meet.

With wide eyes we watched the kids and teachers tuck into the meals prepared from the food we provide. Because of our support, Beverly can use the little money she receives to channel funds into educating, nurturing, and growing these kids. How exciting is it that food not only supports education, but it supports job creation too!

You can imagine her delight and the joy on the kids’ faces when we arrived bearing books!  The magic you see in the eyes of a child when they behold each page with wonder and hope – is priceless.

This was our first ECD Centre to receive donated books, as if we are brutally honest, we are struggling. We barely have donations for 200 children chasing 6,000 and cannot give up on these little ones, hence we reached out for help to extend our campaign!

In a leap of faith, Coronation Fund Managers have come onboard as an official partner. With gratitude and pride, we share their statement of commitment to this bold collaboration.

“At Coronation, we recognise the undeniable correlation between hunger and learning barriers among children. As an advocate for early childhood development, we prioritise initiatives that address both literacy and food security. We firmly believe that by investing in these interconnected issues, we can have a positive impact on the educational landscape in South Africa. We are because of our communities, and it is our duty to extend a helping hand where it’s needed most.” – Wisahl Ganief, Coronation Group Head of Marketing.

We all need to adopt a leap of faith and realise the children are our future and by providing food and books to nourish, nurture and grow these little ones, we are changemakers.

We invite you to join our movement (by clicking on the banner below) and to our annual or monthly donors who walk with us, we say a massive thank you.

With our LOVE and gratitude to YOU ♥️

Danny & the entire team at Ladles of Love

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