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This has been one of those months where we are not quite sure if we have moved forwards or backwards, where we have juggled to make ends meet and struggled to get commitments for funding from corporates – as GNU settles in.

It has been a month of hope yet laced with fear. Being mid-way through the year the current state of inertia is unsettling and causing anxiety for many.   This has given rise to lots of corporate team building and volunteering, as if there is one thing for sure – when you roll up your sleeves with purpose and get stuck in doing something physical or creative that benefits people less fortunate – you feel good.

Whilst business wait for the chips to fall, and parents grab the gap and take their families on holiday – we remain steadfast.  Our homeless guests know that whatever the weather, or situation… four times a week and on public holidays we consistently serve piping hot, delicious meals.  It’s winter, so the lines are longer, especially as temperatures start to plummet and tempers fray – our hot meals, served with love and dignity are behavioral game-changers.

Nedbank Team at Ladles of Love Warehouse in Jozi this week, rolling up their sleeves to do good, for good.

Let’s be honest – June is barely the beginning of winter, almost a tease of what’s to come and yet for many it is a stark reminder of those without, and time to give back.  It’s a time when we are grateful for the roof over our head, electricity, running water, a warm nourishing meal and our warm bed. We can’t help feeling abundantly blessed and yet knowing there are so many people in our communities struggling, we want to help.

To make it easier – here is a list and we would be grateful for your help:

  1. Donate money and consider becoming a monthly giver: https://ladlesoflove.org.za/donate/#sponsorachild
  2. Collect items we need to pack and make things for our massive Mandela Day events: https://bit.ly/MD24_Items
  3. Buy Mandela Day event tickets or CYO: www.webtickets.co.za/ladlesoflove
  4. Share and repost our Mandela Day social media posts
  5. Book a team build: volunteer@ladlesoflove.org.za
  6. Become a partner with purpose: alison@ladlesoflove.org.za
  7. Donate Voyager miles: earl@ladlesoflove.org.za

Each gesture of generosity, whether – time, money or items needed to help others, contributes to a currency of kindness and this collectively, makes a huge impact of love.

Let’s do what we can, because we can, and we love it – it feels good.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Danny & The Ladles of Love Team ♥️

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