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Workers Day marked the beginning of May, a pivotal month for us in South Africa.  Elections bring an uneasiness and in the NPO space, we feel it worse than most.

For the past five months we have steadily felt an easing up on donations and it took until April for it really to hit home. The final blow was when we received a letter from the Department of Social Development to confirm that they will no longer be helping us fund our community soup kitchens.

Faced with adversity and uncertainty we had to make tough decisions to survive and realise that the post Covid-19 provision of community food relief for Ladles of Love is over and as tragic as this is, we need to face a new era.

An era where we focus with purpose on food security and the small people – the lost little ones who are constantly under threat, who have no voice and cannot hustle to feed themselves. The tragedy of high unemployment is the despair caused in parents, and this often results in behavior issues that have a terrible effect on vulnerable children in the community.

These children need a place of safety, and we are committed to supporting the community women who take care of these kids with nutritious food and hope that in time, we can afford to include more.

“Ladles of Love are committed to providing consistent nutritious food to nourish, nurture and grow little children at ECD Centres in impoverished communities” Danny Diliberto, Ladles of Love

Our nutrition programme provides 5,300+ little ones who arrive hungry at the centres, the opportunity to eat, grow and learn – as they should at their age.  By us supplying weekly food for all the children and teachers, means the principals can focus the funds they have on – salaries, training, and resources.

Our challenge is ensuring we can afford to procure the bulk food and fresh vegetables for these kids every month. To our 350 monthly donors, YOU have no idea the relief your funds bring us every single month. Thank you.

To fund the gap, we need to be creative and attract non-traditional funding by forging relationships and partnerships with brands that support our vision.  Today it gives us pleasure to announce our partnership with THE GOOD LIFE SHOW.

The Good Life Show, focuses on conscious and sustainable living and takes place in Cape Town at the CTICC 2 from 31 May – 2  June and Johannesburg, Kyalami ICC from 26 – 28 July. Live Events CEO, Heidi Warricker says: “Partnering with Ladles of Love is the perfect fit as they have achieved so much in not only helping to feed hungry people every day but importantly in creating the right environment for food security and food entrepreneurs to flourish in our communities.  Their work is truly amazing and salutary, and we are very proud indeed to be partnering with this wonderful organisation.”

Apart from being gifted exhibition space, Ladles of Love will receive R10.00 from every ticket sold for The Good Life Show. Please folks buy tickets and support us by enjoying  both the show and funding food for our kids.

With our gratitude and appreciation always.
Danny & the entire team at Ladles of Love ❤️

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