Nourish Our Children

#NourishOurChildren and fight for the rights and plight of our children living with malnutrition in South Africa.

Human Rights Day is observed annually on 21 March. It commemorates the 1960 Sharpeville massacre, where 69 people were killed while protesting apartheid pass laws. Today the Bill of Rights is enshrined in our constitution, protecting South Africans from human rights infringements.

The Children’s Bill of Rights states:  “Children have the right to food, every child has the right to food and if they cannot afford to buy some food, there should be people willing to lend a helping hand.”

Be a Love Activist and help us fight for the rights and help us end malnutrition in children in South Africa.

Together let’s build a healthy future for our country

Ladles of Love is currently feeding 15 000 children a day.

In less than one year, Ladles of Love have provided food to nourish over 11 million meals and of this at least 7 million servings have gone to children in need. Food security is one of the key objectives of Ladles of Love, aside from the feeding schemes, this is driven through supporting Urban Farmers and assisting in providing a route for their produce to market.

With almost 70% of children living below the poverty line in South Africa, many of them do not have access to nutritious food needed to develop their growing bodies and minds. Malnutrition in children continues to be a serious issue in our poor communities where access to the right food is limited or unavailable.

*Video shot in February 2021 

Be sure to tune into our social media channels every week as we visit our beneficiaries around the Cape. Watch how you support and donations go into the pots to nourish the countless children in need of nutritious food everyday.

south african boy smiling over bowl of fresh and nutritious food

More than half of South Africa’s children continue to live below the poverty line

“The South African Child Gauge report concludes that there has been almost no improvement in the food and nutrition security of children living in South Africa over the past two decades.”

South African Child Gauge Report published 28 February 2021

For every R150 we can feed 100 desperately hungry children a nutritious meal. Help fight malnutrition in children today.

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