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The perfect gift for you or to give your loved ones. Purchase a Limited Edition digital print by South African artist Kim Bischofberger for R150.00 and she will pay forward your donation towards our Fill-a-Pot Campaign, supporting us on our mission to feed one million people.

Once you purchase the print, you will receive an emailer to forward to your recipient of your gift, as well as the printable A3 print. If you’re sending your gift digitally to a friend or family member, download the certificate and artwork and attach to your own personal email, or simply forward along the email we’ll send you, along with the printable artwork.

Kim Bischofberger is a Cape Town based artist and designer. Kimbolino is an ongoing series of archival artist prints and limited edition products, creating belonging through exploring imaginary architecture and dream spaces. The series marries a passion for architecture with the idea that we constantly manifest our own inner and outer spaces & selves. This journey opens portals to fantastical landscapes and a maze of new paths to discover.

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