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Alleviating hunger in Gauteng

Our Gauteng warehouse opened mid-May 2022 in Wynberg, Johannesburg.

Our Gauteng warehouse opened mid-May 2022 in Wynberg, Johannesburg and by the 1 June, we were providing food relief to serve 3000 meals a day via our regional network of 23 non-profit organisations with soup kitchens.

Our Gauteng COO, Candice Etberg, is no stranger to food relief, having co-founded FeedSA nearly 20 years ago. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and a trained team, funds permitting, Candice is ready to grow the organisation and extend our food relief support to more NPOs, across a wider area of Gauteng.

Ladles of Love Gauteng warehouse focuses on alleviating hunger with dignity and love by providing nutrition and hope, making a difference in as many lives as possible. Gauteng beneficiaries includes ECD centres, the physically and mentally challenged, elderly citizens and chronic patients who have no food with which to take their medications.

Food Relief Network

The 23 soup kitchens currently receiving food relief are in Alexandra township, Tembisa, Munsieville in Krugersdorp, Orange Farm, and Soweto. These Community-based Organisations collect fresh produce and dry goods, which includes maize meal, samp, rice, oats, sugar, and salt on a weekly basis from our Gauteng warehouse.

Prior to providing food relief, our beneficiaries are carefully vetted, to ensure their facilities are well managed, hygienic, and providing nutritious daily meals to the people in their care.  We build a profile for each NPO, understanding special requirements and their food pallets are prepared for collection at our Gauteng Warehouse, tailored to suit their needs.  This collaborative approach builds trust, resulting in strong relationships and humanizing our food relief efforts.

In Candice Etberg’s words: Food is a fundamental requirement in anybody’s life – and even more so in the lives of vulnerable people who have no guarantee of a daily nutritious meal. I encourage you to sign up to our newsletter and join our Gauteng Love Activists – together lets be the change.”