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Homes in our cities, suburbs and townships are facing all-time highs in power outages. If you consider that some have over 11-hours of load shedding; or a minimum six hours; and then there are those with zero power at all.

The mind boggles at how Mothers are managing to nurture, clothe and feed their children. Gas is expensive and this coupled with the shocking costs of food, is making life a nightmare.

Every day at Ladles of Love we deal with thousands of Mothers, whether they are rearing their own children or others – they are powerless and we are here to help.

To the Mothers running our Early Childhood Development or Day Care Centres we see you. We are here to support you. The kindness of our supporters, many of whom are Mothers too, enables us to supply you with gas and healthy food for the children in your care.

This Sunday, Mother’s Day will be more epic than normal.  Everyone will go out of their way to do something nice, as how our mothers manage to handle adversity – is nothing short of a miracle.

Then to all the Fathers in ‘mothering’ roles, we see you too and salute you.  Caring for children or the elderly at home 24/7 is challenging at the best of times and in South Africa right now, we are truly faced with extenuating circumstances that make this harder.

To Mothers in South Africa and all over the world – you are our world.

Happy Mother’s Day 2023.

If you would like to support an ECD Mother in recognition of your Mother, please consider helping us help them by buying a voucher for gas and food by clicking the link in the button below.

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