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Love Food 2023

R250 will sponsors a child two healthy meals a day for a month plus a ball to play


For little children in impoverished communities, there is no food at home and no money for toys.

Due to the lack of stimulation and social engagement together with malnutrition, children are not developing as they should and many have stunted growth and cognitive development issues.

Our Nourish Our Children programme for 2023 supports Educare Centres who are struggling to make ends meet, let alone feed their little children with healthy meals and educational toys.

 Our LOVE FOOD campaign will drive fundraising and create awareness allowing us to provide 40 Educare Centres with highly nutritious food, recipes, and meal plans to serve 4000 small children.   We will train and enable the Centre’s cooks to prepare Love Food for children, which is highly nutritious, delicious food made with ladles of love!

To strengthen small children’s eye-hand co-ordination and physical development plus encourage  them to play, we will be giving every child a bright, colourful, bouncing ball to personalise and call their own.

We are reaching out to organisations, companies, brands, and individuals to get involved by supporting, sponsoring or partnering with us to roll out this programme.

Every child sponsored, every kilogram of food donated, and every learning aid paid forward  – will make the world of difference.


Let’s invest in building a healthy nation of future leaders 

  • R250 sponsors a child with Love Food every day for a month and a ball to play.
  • R1500 sponsors a child a ball and Love Food for six months at R1500 or R3000 per child for 12 months.
  • Sign up for a monthly debit order of R250 and sponsor a child a ball and Love Food every month.
  • A CSI Donation of R300,000 will ensure 100 children at an ECD are provided with Love Food and nutrition guidance/ support for 12 months.
  • Marketing Partnership: R100,000 per partner to assist in funding the project and enjoy branding benefits.
  • Product sponsorship and Marketing: Cash contribution towards project costs plus food products to support the nutrition plan at the 40 schools.  Proposals will be tailored to support the value of each partnership.

Most children under 7 years old who live in poorer communities have no access to education or pre-school. Yet, when they find an oasis in a local ECD Centre, there is a limit to what the ECD can provide.  They are cash-strapped, over-subscribed, and struggle to provide the comfort and nutrition their baby learners need.

Unless we support, nurture, nourish, and educate these precious children, we will perpetuate the social injustices and lose another generation in the process. After discussions with ECD Centre principals, we realised there are three key challenges that we, as an Organisation can assist with, namely nutrition, education and play.

Why is nutrition education from children important?

With almost 70% of children living below the poverty line in South Africa. Many of them still do not have access to nutritious food to help develop their growing bodies and minds. Malnutrition in children continues to be a serious issue in our poor communities where access to the right food is limited or unavailable.

There are many schools and ECD Centres that fall outside of the Government’s quantile system.  Many of our beneficiaries who also manage on-site ECDs struggle to get funding and equipment to help run their establishments. They are also in need of food to feed the children every day, while also feeding the children in their communities.